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A good online presence is crucial for business.

As a business owner, you know that owning a professional and clean website is a MUST these days.

Within a 5 second glance you’re website can seperate you from looking like an amateur to a professional.

So if your’re lacking in this area, you’re missing a great opportunity to generate more revenue and profit for your company.

Is this you?

You know you need a great website, but you have no clue how to set one up. Or – the one you have now is in dire need of some serious improvements.

You see a lot of succesful businesses having that eyecatching presence and look great online, and you could only wish YOUR business looked that great…

You desire to really stand out with an unique brand that *brings all the sales to the yard.*

Girl, you’ve found the right place.

Let me first tell you that there’s absolutely no need to spend 5 GRAND on an overpriced designer/Web marketer/SEO expert for just one website.

I’ve found an all-in-one solution for you to make sure you keep enjoying the freedom of being a womanpreneur!

And that’s why I keep my services affordable + You can have your site ready and LIVE in a month. 

Choose the package that suits you best and we’ll make work from it. Together!






Brand design that makes people fall in love

Timeframe: 2 weeks


  • Brand Strategy Session: Finding your ‘why’, your Vision, Goals, identifying your ideal client
  • Logo Design +Icon/Favicon
  • Visual Style Guide: Mood board, Font Palette, Colors, Social Media icons
  • Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc Covers




Perfect if you have a smaller budget and want to be online fast

Timeframe: 2-3 weeks


  • Choose between pre-selected themes that suits you best
  • User friendly CMS system (WordPress so you can easily edit and manage content)
  • Mobile optimized
  • Google Analytics and SEO plug-in added
  • Website walkthrough and 10 days post-launch support




Web Design


A complete fancy website that’s just the way you want it 

Timeframe: 4-6 weeks


  • Entire Brand Image package for FREE!
  • Evaluation of your current website*
  • User friendly CMS system (WordPress so you can easily edit and manage content)
  • UX Designed
  • Mobile optimized
  • Google Analytics and SEO plug-in added
  • Website walkthrough and 20 days post-launch support

Optionial: Opt-ins, Newsletters, Business Cards, flyers or stationery design


This is how streamlined things are gonna go:

1. Getting in touch

Scoot me a message and tell me about your bizz! We’ll schedule a meet-up or a phone/skype call. You’ll immediately receive a questionnaire that you fill out beforehand, so we can discuss your needs during our meeting and get on the same page.

I’ll send you a price quote of your Design Package of choice. When agreed, I’ll set up a contract for you.

2. Welcome!

Exciting! You receive a contract that lists the  services, costs, payment plan and our terms and agreement. You can sign the contract electronically and send it back to me. I’ll invite you to my favorite project management system that helps you to:

  • ensure good communication between us
  • send all necessary documents needed for the design
  • Track the progress

Also, you’ll receive a design start date on which we’ll schedule the online Brand Strategy Session.

3. Homework

While you wait for your design start date, you can start on your homework 😉

  • Get clear on the vision and goals you have for your business, which we will discuss more elaborately during our Brand Strategy Session.
  • I strongly recommend creating a Pinterest board full of inspiration containing visuals, color schemes, style, fonts, layout etc. and share that with me!
  • Important(!) make sure you have all your content ready, your photos, and social networks up and running.

4. Brand Strategy Session 

During our scheduled skype meeting, we’ll talk about the identity of your dream business, your vision, goals and we’ll get clear on who your ideal client is. We’ll discuss the the design strategy for attracting you audience. This is also the time for any questions you have.

5. Time to Work!

I let my creative juices flow and get to the brand designing part! I’ll create a moodboard based on your pinterest board, and send you samples of logo’s or layouts to view if I’m on the right track. I’ll then create the Complete Visual Style Guide and send it you when completed!

If you got the Web Design package, then we’re now moving to the building phase! I let you review a mock-up of the homepage before starting the technical work. I’ll design the website on an offline server, and enable you to follow my progress on the the project management dashboard and keep in touch with you.


6. Website Launch

You get to see the finished website, woohoo! You can give me your opinion, and I’ll make revisions where necessary.

When you’re satisfied the site will be officially launched into the world! I’ll transfer to you the WordPress credentials so you can manage the content. We’ll schedule an 1-hour coaching call to help you understand how to work with WordPress so you can manage your content. I’ll be around for 15 days of post-launch support to hold your hand and make sure you’ll get the best use out of your website!

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