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Hi, I’m Julie!

A Brand Creator and Website Builder based in Europe, the Netherlands.
Passionate about working with female entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams!


As a 5 year old little girl I LOVED creating art, when people asked me what I wanted to be I used to reply: “I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up.”

But when my family purchased our first PC, an entire new world opened for me. In the digital world you can create anything from scratch, find information on just about anything and connect with the entire globe! When I was 11 I started fixing broken software of my friends’ computers. I seemed to be pretty good at it and was soon called the “computer geek” of the area. From then I’ve actually always known I wanted to work in tech – but I didn’t want my work to be impersonal or… boring.

That is why at one point I thought: Why don’t I throw my creative talent and computer skills together!

Needless to say: I fell in love with designing and building websites.

I followed a Bachelor course in Web design, UX design and Marketing, learned to code, and created my first website in 48 hours.

Along the road I’ve acquired so much knowledge in Brand Creation, User Experience, SEO and online entrepreneurship that I can’t wait to share with you – and help your business get that killer online presence!

fun facts about me!

  • I studied Accountancy for a year but quickly realized I’m not a grey suit kinda gal!
  • I’m addicted to avocado’s.
  • I am multilingual: I speak Dutch, English, French and German.
  • My favourite Disney movie is… Pocahontas!
  • It totally fetishise stunning stationery.
  • Some days you’ll catch me listening to Enya.
  • I’m dying to visit New Zealand once!

My Mission

You’ve started your business with an idea, a dream.

You’re now ready to put it out into the world, but you’ve got that nagging inner voice going on: Doubt. How will I truly stand out from the crowd? And how will I attract the right leads – meaning clients – meaning FINALLY make real money?

As a fellow female entrepreneur, I GET you. I know how scary it is to have the prospect of your business being buried in the ocean of competitors and not be seen. How to get that shine you know your valuable service deserves?

Girl, you need a brand that’s unique and gorgeous enough it makes you’re clients believe they’ve found a unicorn.

That’s where I come in.


Ready to make your business sparkle?

You let me take in your heart’s vision, goals and direction for your business. I’ll make sure that that will be reflected in a perfect Brand design.

To attract lots of visitors, your website needs to be:

clean + easy to use + beautifully designed

I’ll make one for you that looks so guuuud that it will convince your client they’re dealing with a pro.

Due to my background, creativity and technology go hand in hand with me – you won’t have to worry about leaving the technical stuff with me!

Not only that, I will teach you how to use your website in an effective way, attract clients, and make your site your #1 business promotor.

Transform your business now!

So here’s what you’ll get:

A powerful Brand and user-friendly Website that looks good on all screen sizes.

Here you can see what goes into creating a brand and website that inspires and sells. 

The process is a fun experience that I’m sure you’ll enjoy as well!

You are cordially invited by The Site Stylist to make your business glow up and show it to the world!

I’m excited, I hope you are too 😉


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